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3 Quick Reasons You Should Add a Sunroom to Your House

3 Quick Reasons You Should Add a Sunroom to Your House

Ever looked out of your patio doors or windows and longed for better temperatures, a place to relax outside, and a comfortable spot to lounge in the sun? From patio enclosures to sunroom additions, we’ve seen an uptick in the number of homeowners and buyers who want to enjoy the perks of outdoor living spaces. Unlike the standard deck or patio setup and regardless of the season, sunrooms allow you to enjoy the light, views, and tranquility of the great outdoors year-round.

What exactly is a sunroom?

Often called a three season or four season room,  these spaces are typically more energy efficient versions of an enclosed patio or screen room. Though they are customizable, sunrooms are typically built to optimize the amount of natural light the room gets, often featuring a glass roof and floor-to-ceiling windows, which make them a bright, airy addition to your home.

Why should I add a sunroom to my home?

Sunrooms offer a lot of practical perks, particularly if you like the idea of having an outdoor living space but live in a climate where harsh weather leaves you trapped inside fairly frequently. On top of giving you a place to enjoy the sunshine in a more comfortable setting, a sunroom:

  1. Could increase the resale value of your home.
  2. Efficiently and beautifully creates more space.
  3. Is a unique type of room for which you can expect to pay less than a typical room addition.

While they certainly can be equipped with heating and cooling systems, building codes don’t require these amenities in order for the square footage of the sunroom to be included with the square footage fo the rest of the house, meaning you get the value of added space without the expense of standard room addition. In addition to being a more practical solution to adding space, these all-season rooms are great places to gather for meals, holidays, or just some relaxed downtime in bright, cozy space.

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