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When’s the Best Time to Remodel a Kitchen?

When’s the Best Time to Remodel a Kitchen?

If you’re cooking in a cramped and outdated space, you probably feel the urge to remodel the kitchen into a place that is welcoming to your entire family. However, it takes much longer than a matter of days to remodel a kitchen. A typical kitchen remodel timeline can vary between a few weeks, or months, depending on the extent of the remodel.

Maybe you’ve done the research, and decided you’re ready to tackle that kitchen remodel but are wondering when it’s the best time to undertake a project of this magnitude? We’re here to help you decide when it’s the best time to remodel a kitchen.

Summertime Kitchen Remodeling

While many of us typically want to beat the heat during summer, there are actually quite a few home improvement projects that can be tackled during summertime – and one of those is a kitchen renovation! It’s a great time of the year to do work indoors because it’s not as hot and cramped as it would be to work on a deck or patio.

You’ll be able to remodel your existing kitchen fairly quickly during the summertime, mainly because you won’t be living in the thick of the remodel. It’s ideal to tackle kitchen remodeling during summer because you’ll likely go on vacation during the summertime. Or, you’ll send your kids to visit extended family or camp, so they won’t be around the house as much. It’s one thing if you have to work around a home remodel – your kids are another story.

The remodeling process for a kitchen can take up to 16 weeks, depending on the extent of the remodel. If you plan on being gone visiting family or spending your time on a summer vacation, this is a good time to begin a kitchen remodel. Your home renovators will be able to work on your home without working around your family. If you need a major floor plan upgrade, brand new home lighting and plumbing fixtures, and electrical work, this is the time to do so.


Fix Things Up In Fall

Another ideal time to knock out a kitchen remodel is during fall. Most remodeling projects should have already been completed by this point in time, so remodelers might have a slightly less hectic schedule. Or, they’ll work on multiple small projects, with quick turn around times. If you need a kitchen designed before the upcoming holidays, the fall is a great time to complete your kitchen remodel, or work on minor kitchen renovations.

However, if you have a strict deadline, it might be difficult to meet certain expectations in such a quick turnaround time. With the holiday’s around the corner, there might be a rush on certain projects. We recommend either wrapping up your current remodel, or starting on a minor kitchen remodel instead of a major one. There are a few smaller projects that are perfectly attainable, such as:

• Upgrading your kitchen island

• Adding a subway tile backsplash

• Updating lighting fixtures or stainless steel appliances

• Installing open shelving or new upper cabinets

More in-depth projects might be pushing into the fall holiday deadline, so try to coordinate your project for late August or early September.

If you need more tips on what to expect while remodeling a kitchen, review our Essential Kitchen Remodeling Checklist and discover what comes first in a home remodel. If you want to stretch your dollar and make your kitchen remodel investment count, view our free guide 5 Renovations that Return.

Renovations that return

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