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Everything You Need to Know Before a Bathroom Remodel

Everything You Need to Know Before a Bathroom Remodel

Are you finally ready to remodel your bathroom? Maybe you’re finally planning on installing a sleek walk-in shower or a luxurious tub. Whatever your renovation plans, a bathroom remodel is a huge investment. You need to know that it’s worth the cost; otherwise, you could end up with an expensive mistake.

It’s essential to know the steps in a bathroom remodel. First, what’s your motivation for the upcoming home improvement? Are you trying to increase the resale value of your home? Or is it simply time for an upgrade? Whatever you choose, do some research beforehand and consult a professional about what your new bathroom will cost—and how much return you can expect.

At RJ Turner Remodeling, we care about your dreams becoming a reality. That’s why we put together this list of steps and tips on the steps of a bathroom remodel.

What is the Average Cost of Remodeling a Bathroom?

Bathroom remodeling costs can vary greatly depending on the scope of work, amount of materials needed, construction company, whether you do it yourself or hire a contractor to do all or some of the work.

The typical total cost for a typical bathroom remodeling project is about $15,000; this price includes materials, labor, and permits. The average bathroom renovation costs about $7,500 in material expenses alone, including the fixtures, flooring, paint, and countertops.

A bathroom project can range from $10,000 to $30,000, depending on the demands of the renovation. A remodeling project may cost less for a minor job or if an owner is comfortable handling all parts of the process. However, hiring a dependable bathroom remodeling company can save you a headache. At RJ Turner Remodeling, we communicate with everyone involved in the project and ensure your bathroom is done within a designated time frame—saving you time and frustration.


How Do I Find a Bathroom Remodeling Company?

One of the first steps in a bathroom remodel is finding home remodeling contractors experienced in bathroom projects. Our team at RJ Turner Remodeling is seasoned in bathroom remodeling in Winston-Salem, and we can help you realize your vision.

We offer various services, including bathroom remodels solely for the client’s needs and budget, and complete renovations where we design, construct, and furnish bathrooms from scratch or work with existing fixtures and cabinets.

When choosing a bathroom renovation company, be sure to do your research and compare several companies before making your final decision. You can learn a lot about companies on the internet, in magazines, and through word of mouth. It is crucial to find out as much information as possible about a company before signing any agreements. There are several steps involved in the bathroom remodeling process requiring multiple individuals and tradesmen.

If you’re also looking for a bathroom remodeling company to handle some of the steps in your bathroom renovation project, RJ Turner Remodeling can help you. As an experienced bathroom remodeling company in Winston-Salem, NC and near Greensboro, NC, we specialize in creating beautiful spaces in your home.

It is vital to have as much information as possible before you hire a contractor or subcontractor so that you know what to expect from bathroom remodeling near you, so you can negotiate the cost of any steps in your bathroom renovation project.

You may want to interview home remodeling contractors before you decide, along with gaining quotes and asking for references.


What Are the Steps in a Bathroom Remodel?

Wondering how to turn your dull, dingy bathroom into a spa-like oasis? Updating your bathroom vanity, electrical wiring, and accessories can help it feel like a vacation at home. There are steps you can take before beginning the actual project.

  1. Determine your budget.
  2. Figure out how much storage and counter space you need.
  3. Choose your vanity, shower door, fixtures, including a bathtub, sink, toilet, and lighting.
  4. Pick out wall tile, flooring, and paint.
  5. Choose colors for your bathroom.
  6. Hire a contractor.
  7. Plan the project steps, including demolition and floor tile installation.
  8. Lay the tile on the floor of your bathroom.
  9. Order fixtures, such as your sink and toilet.
  10. Plumbing rough-in steps.
  11. Electrical steps.
  12. Final inspection for the contractors and inspector and clean up after your bathroom remodel is complete. 

Knowing the steps in a bathroom remodel is essential. The process can vary depending on how much of an overhaul you desire and whether or not there’s already plumbing installed. 

If your bathtub is old, but you still love its style, consider replacing just the tub with one that has jets for massaging while taking a relaxing soak after work. The options are endless when remodeling a bathroom. If a tub isn’t your style, you can install a spacious shower stall with multiple shower heads and other modern features.

These steps may seem daunting if this project isn’t something you’ve tackled before, but don’t worry—RJ Turner Remodeling will be by your side every step of the way to ensure things go smoothly from start to finish.

Contact us to schedule an appointment with our team at RJ Turner Remodeling today! We can answer any questions you have and make sure your renovation is successful.


How Long Does It Take to Complete a Bathroom Remodel?

The time it takes to complete a bathroom remodel varies. It could be anywhere from two weeks up to six months, depending on the extent of the work. A project of this magnitude has many steps, including obtaining building permits, selecting design and construction materials, demolition work, plumbing installation, electrical service upgrade, new tile work (and tub/shower surrounds), flooring, and paint.

A minor bathroom renovation might take only two to three weeks, while an extensive makeover could take up to six months or longer. When you meet with your bathroom remodeling company in Winston-Salem, you’ll agree on an appropriate timeline for your project.


Why You Should Hire RJ Turner Remodeling for Your Bathroom Renovation?

If you’re looking for a family-owned, quality bathroom remodeling company in the triad area, RJ Turner Remodeling is the company for you.

Here are just a few reasons why:

    • Your bathroom remodeling project will be handled by construction experts who will offer you their advice on the best steps to take. Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we work with you every step of the way to make sure that happens.
    • We have years of experience in bathroom remodeling and will make sure all necessary steps are completed carefully and effectively so that your new bathroom meets all codes and is approved by inspectors before it’s unveiled.
    • We offer design services to help you get started on what you need for your new bathroom, including floor, tile, wall tile, and countertops. We also offer in-home consultations so you can choose the design that’s best for you while sitting in your living room – not a store or showroom.
    • We work with multiple suppliers to ensure we have excellent products at competitive prices for all steps of your bathroom renovation project.

With a new pristine tub, toilet, and other contemporary bathroom goods, as well as flooring, we can transform your dingy restroom into a relaxing haven.

Are you looking for bathroom renovation ideas? Check out RJ Turner’s free resource: 5 Easy DIY Ways to Update Your Bathroom!

5 Easy DIY Ways to Update Your Bathroom Downloadable Banner

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