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How to Choose the Best Exterior Siding Option

How to Choose the Best Exterior Siding Option

While many home remodeling projects take place inside the home, there are still plenty of exterior home remodels that are just as important. Bathroom remodels and kitchen remodels might be at the forefront of our minds, but there is one exterior remodeling project that you shouldn’t overlook – renovating or replacing your home’s siding.

That’s right – certain home siding needs to be replaced after years of weathering or wear and tear! While there are many types of siding to choose from, we’re going to discuss some of the most popular types of exterior siding options, so you can decide which one is best for your home exterior.

Types of Exterior Siding

With so many options to pick from, it can be difficult to know which siding material is best for your home. Whether you love the look of stucco siding or want the durability of aluminum siding, we wanted to take the time to review the most popular and practical materials, so you can choose which siding option is best for you and your home.


• For a look that’s timeless, you can’t go wrong with wood siding. Wood siding is a great exterior design choice because it can create a unique look to your home. From classic to rustic and everything in between, wood siding is a diverse material that can provide a variety of looks. You can choose between quite a few material options such as shingles, bevel, board and batten, and engineered wood. All of these wood materials come in a variety of colors, so your exterior home renovation will be sure to increase curb appeal to your home.



• As the most affordable siding option, vinyl is very popular among a wide variety of homeowners. Vinyl is highlight resistant to water and harsh weather, so this is long-lasting as well as cost-effective.



• This lightweight material is also very cost-effective and creates a more polished and modern looking home. Aluminum and steel are very popular metal siding materials because they are easy to shape around the exterior of your home. Even though it’s very durable, most metals can get a weathered down appearance over a period of time, so be sure to treat or repaint your material accordingly.



• While stone siding is on the higher end of most home renovation budgets, its beauty is a sight to behold. Not only is it extremely resistant to weathering and aging, but it’s doesn’t need to be treated year after year. However, it takes serious focus and attention to detail during the installation of stone veneers to your home.



• Brick siding is very similar to stone in terms of its classic appearance, beautiful finish, and longevity. While it’s going to hold up for years to come, brick veneers are attached to the side of your home using mortar and cement, so rain and other forces have difficulty making their way through your home. Brick is not entirely waterproof, so your home remodeling company will have to be mindful during installation.



• One of the easiest exterior siding options to add to a home, stucco provides a textured yet seamless finish to the outside of any home. It comes in a variety of natural finishes and colors, so it compliments your space perfectly.


How to Decide Which Siding Option is Best

Once you feel comfortable and have explored your exterior siding options, it’s time to decide which material is best for you and your home. Despite all of these incredible materials, it comes down to a few important factors:


• While all of these options are great, which one is the most cost-effective for your budget? Fiber cement siding isn’t as expensive as stone siding. If you’re struggling to decide which material is ideal for you, think about which option is going to add the most value, while remaining cost-effective.


Curb Appeal

• Odds are, you won’t be living in the same home forever. If you are planning on selling your home in a few years’ time, think about the curb appeal of the siding. Will other buyers like it? Or is this a personal choice that reflects your own taste? Be sure to pick something you and other buyers will enjoy for years to come, whether that means matching the paint color to the deck or front door.



• Pick a material that you won’t have to replace anytime soon. Something that is equally durable as it is stylish is a smart investment that will retain its value in the long run.



• How much time do you have to treat or maintain your siding? If the answer is minimal, then pick something that doesn’t require annual maintenance or treatment.



• If you’re on a home renovation timeline, it’s important to find a material whose installation requirements fit within that deadline. If some materials take longer than others, remove them from your list if you need the project completed within a few weeks.


Tips for When You Purchase Siding

When you decide to purchase siding for the outside of your home, it’s important to consider a few key things when you buy. The home exterior has to protect your home’s interior, so be sure to think of the following while you buy:

• How much material do you need?

• Is this material in your budget?

• Will you need to allow room for additional or spare siding materials?

• Is this material going to need annual maintenance? What installation measures should be taken to minimize that maintenance?

When it comes to exterior siding, there are plenty of materials to chose from- you just have to work with a licensed professional that can get the job done. If you’re searching for a home remodeling company that has experience working on exterior remodels and interior renovations, it’s time to contact RJ Turner Remodeling.

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  • Afton Jackson
    August 31, 2020, 12:54 am REPLY

    What you said about stone siding and how it’s both weather-resistant and good-looking was very interesting. My aunt has been planning to go all-out with her home renovation plans just to make her new luxury home look as visually impressive as possible. With how she’s so intent at picking out the most beautiful materials possible, getting a siding contractor to help her install some stone siding might be the best choice for her.

  • Mason Smith
    September 8, 2020, 2:18 pm REPLY

    I really appreciate you explaining that the vinyl siding is probably the most affordable option. My spouse and I are thinking about getting new siding so our curb-appeal is better. We need to find a local contractor that can get this siding installed properly this month.

  • Zoe Campos
    November 9, 2020, 3:16 pm REPLY

    Thanks for letting me know that vinyl can be our most affordable option when it comes to siding materials. As you have mentioned, we won’t stay in the property forever, so we don’t want to spend much on a replacement. I’ll try to talk to remodeling contractors and see how soon we can start this project.

  • Conrad O'Connor
    November 9, 2020, 8:30 pm REPLY

    It’s great that you mention that vinyl is a very cost-efficient siding material. I would like to get a new exterior for my home this year, so I’m thinking about having vinyl siding installed on it. I’m going to look for a good business in my area that offers vinyl siding installation services.

  • Aaron White
    November 16, 2020, 8:05 pm REPLY

    It’s good to learn that stucco comes with a variety of natural finishes and colors. My wife and I are wanting to remodel the exterior of our home and we were wondering what kind of material we should use for the siding. I’ll be sure to talk to her about using stucco for the siding.

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