Frequently Asked Questions
 RJ Turner Remodeling specializes in bathroom renovation, kitchen remodels, exterior remodeling, home additions, deck repair in Winston-Salem, and outdoor living spaces.
First, we must spend the necessary time during the estimation phase before construction begins. Spending quality time to get the estimation phase right saves the client and the company time and money during the construction phase. Here's the approximate estimation time for various projects:
  • A Deck is 2 weeks
  • A Bathroom is 4 weeks
  • A Kitchen is 4 weeks
  • An addition is 8-12 weeks 
After the estimation phase, we can better inform you when we can start. We, too, want to get started on your project as quickly as possible. However, there are many factors to consider, such as weather, arrival dates for special order items, material availability, and our active project list at the current time. You can always ask the salesman for a projection for a start date before signing.
There are two pricing structures for your remodel: Fixed Cost and Cost-Plus. A fixed-cost project is one where you receive one number for the Base Price that both parties sign on, and the contractor will sometimes have to absorb some unexpected costs in the case of an estimation error. A Cost-Plus pricing structure allows the client to see the actual cost for all cost lines and receive online access to a detailed budget page. While this pricing structure allows the client to see all prices, the client is required to pay all costs plus a certain customer markup percentage for all project costs. The customer is responsible for paying all fees for whatever it takes to complete the project.
Every home renovation is different and completion times vary based on the scope of each project. You will receive your own login to our construction project management software, CoConstruct. Within CoConstruct you will see your project's schedule, update it daily, and receive daily job logs to inform you of what is going on with your project.  Many factors affect a project's schedule. Many factors affect a project’s schedule. Some these include:
  • Unknowns we find behind walls, above ceilings, below floors, or behind siding
  • Material delays
  • Weather delays
While delays may occur unexpectedly, we work hard to be accurate yet reasonable when we create your schedule to avoid any unnecessary changes.  We've been at this long enough to know there are always delays and issues that frequently arise with every house renovation, so we add time to compensate for these possible issues. This way, you get the most reasonable picture of your projected completion date.
Although it may be expensive, roof replacement offers many benefits—including increased value to your home. Roof replacement can provide an impressive ROI of 68.2% for homeowners. Why not enjoy the benefits of a secure roof while making a meaningful investment?
The initial estimate visit will take approximately 60-90 minutes but is based on the project's complexity. At the initial visit, we will listen carefully to your vision for the space, take photos and measurements, and give you a brief introduction to who we are so that you can determine if we are a good fit for your house renovation in Winston-Salem.
The first step is to consult kitchen remodeling contractors to discuss your vision for the space. After that, the contractor will develop a plan and timeline for the project. Finally, you'll need to choose materials and finishes that fit your budget and style. Then, any needed demolition and tear-out can begin!
It should take bathroom remodeling contractors about four weeks to complete a bathroom renovation in Winston-Salem.
It's recommended by most kitchen remodeling contractors to spend 10% of your home's value on a kitchen renovation in Greensboro.
A bathroom renovation in Winston-Salem is typically recommended every 4-5 years. However, it depends on your needs and your chosen materials for your bathroom renovation in Greensboro. While some may want to keep up with the current trends on a shorter timeline, others might find remodeling every ten years sufficient.
 When deciding on a house renovation in Winston-Salem, it's best to either tackle a bathroom renovation or kitchen renovation in Winston-Salem first. While kitchen renovations in Greensboro or Winston-Salem usually cost more, the return on investment is also higher.

If you have any additional questions about home renovations, please contact RJ Turner Remodeling. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about the remodeling process!

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