While your house is the perfect size when you purchase it, over the years your family will grow and your home will need to as well!


Eventually you will need another bedroom, a sunroom, a garage, an in-law suite, or a bonus room. You’ll want more indoor space to accommodate friends and family. And you may be thinking: I’ll just move into a bigger house. But don’t you love your neighborhood? Wouldn’t you rather stay in the home you’ve shared so many memories in over the years?

Instead of going through the process of selling your home and purchasing a new one just for more space, let RJ Turner Remodeling build an addition onto your current home.

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When you choose RJ Turner Remodeling, you’re working with a professional and dependable contractor. If we say we can do it, we will!


If you’re happy where you live, you shouldn’t have to compromise space.

Not only is it a pain to move, but why should you have to completely uproot your life just for more space? Stay close to your favorite grocery store and in your children’s school district by creating more space! Whether you need to add an extra bedroom for a new family member or you want a sunroom to relax in on beautiful days, we have the experience and knowledge to build an addition to your home. And, don’t worry, we do all the heavy lifting for you!


You won’t have to stress about any part of your home addition project.

Here at RJ Turner Remodeling, we have helped plenty of homeowners turn their house into their dream home by giving them more space. When you work with us for your home addition, we handle all the details. A home addition requires a lot of different work,  including electrical work, plumbing, and other specialty trades to get the job done right. Instead of the homeowner serving as the messenger between multiple different workers, RJ Turner Remodeling coordinates all communication and work with other contractors and workers.


We are your only point of contact throughout the duration of your home addition.  While we are able to handle many of the jobs on our own, with a team experienced in building, painting, installing flooring, and more, sometimes we call in specialists. No matter how many other specialists are working on a component of your addition, we will coordinate their work schedule and handle any communication necessary between them.

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Create more space in your home with an addition today by contacting your local, Triad area remodeling company.

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