Have you been thinking about replacing those outdated kitchen cabinets and appliances? Or maybe you’ve been debating adding a half bath to the second floor of your home? If so, don’t overthink it – start exploring your home remodeling options, so you can redefine those less than perfect spaces in your home.

While remodeling projects can be a large undertaking, they’re also great long term investments that add significant equity into your home. Even if you just decide to take on a small bathroom remodel, you’ll see upwards of an 80% return on your investment when you decide to sell down the road! 

Those numbers don’t lie and are well worth learning more about potential home renovations you haven’t considered yet. Plus you’ll be able to enjoy all the additional space and luxurious features your brand new remodel has to offer. Remodeling isn’t more than just bringing design dreams to life – it’s investing in your future, so you can recoup those numbers further down the road.

If you’ve been thinking about remodeling your home, but aren’t sure what goes into the remodeling process, we’re here to help. Every aspect of your vision can be brought to life, with the right approach, and remodeling team by your side.


You may want to remodel your kitchen for any number of reasons, whether you feel your kitchen is outdated, too small, or just needs an update to increase your home’s resale value.

Bathroom Remodeling in Greensboro, Winston Salem, High Point, Triad Area Example


When you wake up in the morning, walk into your bathroom, and feel annoyed by the space. Maybe it’s just too small or you roll your eyes every time you have to look at those ugly tan tiles in your shower.


Our experience and expertise as a home remodeling company, allows us to handle every aspect of renovating the exterior of your home.


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When it’s time to upgrade that outdated kitchen, master bath, or a brand new addition to the side of your home, there’s a lot of thought that goes into every project. Maybe you’d like to customize your entire master bedroom, or you just want to update the shower in your kid’s bathroom. The important thing to remember is that you’re making a long term investment for your family’s future.

If you’ve never tackled a home remodeling project before, and are anxious to get started, we have a few suggestions to keep in mind before you start any major demolition. Certain home improvement projects are worth some extra investments, while others might not be worth breaking the bank over.

Consider the Return on Your Investment

A home renovation is more than repairing a deck, or remodeling your kitchen – it’s a financial and design decision that makes your house a home. There is nothing more rewarding than completing a renovation, enjoying your home, and a few years down the road, selling your house for its true value. In a perfect world, all home renovations would have this outcome, but it’s important to weigh the cost risks and benefits of a remodel before you get ahead of yourself.

A decent home improvement project should always offer a fair return on your initial investment. On average, a home renovation ROI should be upwards of 70%, in order to justify the initial expense. If it’s not, then you might want to reconsider the project, before you start spending money you won’t be getting back. Before you select your ideal home improvement project, consider the following:

Is it going to increase the overall value of your home?

• Are you focusing too much on the specific details of the remodel, rather than the big picture?

• Is the remodel going to take longer than a few weeks or months?

If you feel uncertain about answering these questions, take a step back, and reconsider your potential project. You don’t want to start a remodel that stretches on for months at a time with little payoff, or place the majority of your costs towards details and features that future home buyers won’t even notice. Focus on the bigger picture, and stick to remodeling projects that have the greatest return on your investment. If you need help getting started, download our completely free guide – 5 Renovations that Return – to find out which renovations are truly worth your time (and money).

Renovations that return

Think about the Needs of Your Home 

An important part of the home renovation process is considering the true needs of your home. While it can be very exciting, creating the bathroom, kitchen, or master suite of your dreams, it’s not ideal to focus solely on the bathroom wallpaper or the chrome detailing. Think about the primary goals of the space, before you start thinking about the finishing touches. Is this space:

• Making room for your growing family?

• Going to make your home feel more contemporary?

• A manageable project that is purely for resale value?

• A large scale project, that will take a longer period of time?


Focusing on the needs of your family, and how those needs should translate into your home’s overall layout, is important. If this is just a small renovation that is going to help sell your home in a year or two, stay more objective about the space, and add features that will appeal to a variety of buyers.

However, if you’re adding a completely screened-in deck so your family can spend more time outside, then give yourself the opportunity to customize the project, and modify it to be a little more personal to the needs of your home. Remodels are designed to make your home feel welcoming – just don’t get lost in the little details that take away from the bigger picture.

Find a Budget 

Once you consider what spaces you’d like to renovate, and assess the practicality of the investment, think about your potential budget. Not all projects cost the same, so prior to getting started, be realistic about how much your investment is going to cost. For instance, if you want to increase the square footage of your kitchen during a remodel, you’ll have to budget for this accordingly. Just remember that you shouldn’t go too low for your renovation budget – sometimes unexpected complications arise in the middle of a project, that need to be accounted for. A local contractor will be able to give you an accurate estimate of how much your home renovation should cost prior to getting started.

It’s also important to consider potential payment methods when you’re thinking about your renovation budget. While some homeowners might prefer to pay one lump sum at the start of the project, others would rather submit monthly payments to their contractor, or apply for a home improvement loan instead. There are plenty of possibilities when it comes to budgeting for a home renovation, so consider what works best for you. Whether you want to finance a home addition or a master bath, the right home contractor will work with you to make sure things stay affordable.

Get A Home Assessment 

While it’s not everyone’s favorite part of the home renovation process, a home assessment is going to help you learn more about the condition of your home, before you start knocking down walls or windows. A home assessment evaluates the current condition of your home before any major work occurs. This is helpful for homeowners and contractors because any major problems within your foundation, structure, electric, or plumbing can be fixed prior to starting the project.

Plus, a home assessment will help you determine the current value of your home, prior to starting any renovations. You can get a better idea of the future value of your home, once you factor in the additional work.

Find A Home Remodeling Contractor

Renovating your home is a big undertaking – so it’s important to work with a certified home remodeling company that is local, reliable, and trustworthy. Before picking up the tools yourself, take the time to research what remodeling company matches your personal expectations, renovation needs, and budget.

If you’re searching for renovation services within the Piedmont Triad, RJ Turner Remodeling specializes in home improvement projects in every shade and size. We offer an extensive list of renovation services, take a hands-on approach to all our projects, and focus on providing excellent customer service to our clients. We specialize in projects such as:

At RJ Turner Remodeling, the home renovation possibilities are endless. If you’ve been searching for a home remodeling or addition contractor near me, our team of experts might be the solution you’ve been waiting for.


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Once you’re ready to begin remodeling your home and have learned a little more about the process, it’s time to decide on the perfect remodeling project. Depending on the needs of your family, you might not need a floor to ceiling upgrade. Take a look at our recommended home remodels projects that are sure to be worth your while.



Minor Bathroom Renovation

If you don’t need a completely upgraded bathroom, a minor bathroom renovation is definitely a smart long term investment, that will be sure to wow any future guests. A minor remodel could be as simple as removing an old bathroom tub and replacing it with a shower, swapping a dated pedestal sink with a brand new vanity, or installing brand new tile flooring. The best part? You can get anywhere from an 85%-102% ROI down the line!

Minor bathroom renovations can be completed in relatively quick turnaround time, so you won’t be spending more than a few weeks away from the oasis of your brand new bathroom.



Minor Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen upgrade doesn’t have to break the bank – or take months to finish. One of the best ways to give your home a complete makeover is by simply redoing the cabinets, countertops, and kitchen finishes. This will make your home feel more modern, but won’t take away the beauty of any brand new appliances you decide to install – which is a huge selling point for future homebuyers. A minor remodel can take between 8-12 weeks to complete, but you’ll see between 80%-90% of your investment – well worth the time away from the stovetop.

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Exterior Upgrades

A home remodel doesn’t always take place inside the home. In fact, one of the best ways you can spruce up your space is by adding a couple of great touches to the exterior of your home. This could be something as minor as updating the vinyl or siding, repainting your exterior, or upgrading all the doors and windows. These kinds of upgrades won’t take too long, and they can really wow anyone who walks by. The curb appeal of your home just blew away the neighbors, and you’re looking at a 90% return on that brand new siding!



Major Bathroom Remodels

If you’re ready to commit to the ultimate bathroom upgrade, a major bathroom remodel is just what you need. Sometimes old fixtures aren’t the only thing that needs a facelift. Installing new tile, a brand new shower, lighting fixtures, and a vanity, will wow all of your guests.

Major bathroom remodels are best for those outdated fixtures, or even your master bathroom. This way you can enjoy a brand new space, and future buyers will fall in love with their master suite. You can see close to an 80%-85% return rate, and have a brand new bathroom in just a matter of weeks.



Major Kitchen Remodels 

If you want a brand new island, cabinets, countertops, appliances, and flooring – you’ll need more than a few minor kitchen upgrades. A major kitchen remodel is great if you’re currently in a closed-off, small space, that is less inviting to guests. Because open floor plans are so appealing, use the time to reconfigure your kitchen layout if needed. Taking the time to find a layout that works for you, and would excite eventual homebuyers, is ideal. 

Depending on the extent of your project, most major remodels can earn up to an 80% return rate, which is well worth splurging on a brand new kitchen sink or hardwood flooring.



New Deck or Patio 

Everyone loves spending time with their loved ones – and some of the best memories we have at home aren’t spent indoors! If you have an older deck, and have noticed signs it’s in need of replacement, deck renovations are a great long term investment with minimal costs. Need deck remodeling ideas or tips? Just ask the professionals. Working with an experienced remodeling company means you’ll be able to have a new deck built, or an older deck renovated, within a month. You can start grilling out before you know it, and recoup savings close to 85%-90%.


Additions are the most time consuming, but rewarding, renovations you can tackle as a homeowner. Oftentimes, we love where we live, but we just need a little more space to accommodate our family. That’s where a brand new addition can come in handy. You’ll be able to add on the desired square footage to your home, and build exactly what your home needs to fit everyone. Whether that’s a master bedroom, bonus room, or an entire second story – additions are great for growing families. Additions generally have a high return rate as well, averaging upwards of 75% of their investment, depending on the project.


We'll turn your current house into your dream home. Schedule your FREE consultation today!


Once you decide what project makes the most sense for your family, and your budget, you’re probably ready for the renovations to begin. But before you can begin a home remodeling project, there are a few things you have to prepare prior to getting started. Sometimes home renovations can take a few days, while others can take upwards of 12 weeks. So in order to prep accordingly, it’s important to consider the following:


• Will you stay in your home during the remodel?

Depending on the scale of the project, you might want to make other arrangements during the bulk of the renovations. For instance, if you’re tackling a master bedroom, and kitchen renovation at the same time, your home might be a little crowded and chaotic. It’s important to decide if you plan on staying in your home during the renovation.


• Are you going to be able to cook in your home?

Dinner time might be a little unconventional if you’re working on a kitchen renovation. Depending on the extent of your remodel, you may or may not have access to all your necessary appliances, or cooking equipment. Think about how you’ll be conducting meals during your remodel, and talk to your contractor about a realistic timeline. For more tips, check out How to Survive a Kitchen Remodel.


• Does your family have enough space?

If you have small children at home, and you’re working on sprucing up the first floor of your home, make sure you have additional space on the second floor for the whole family. Your kids need space to play, and you need space to work, while your contractors are remodeling the downstairs. Make sure you set established ground rules for safe spaces for your kids during a remodel – so everyone can stay safe.


• Have you talked to your family?

Sometimes it’s tough to be together under one roof, in slightly more stressful conditions. Make sure you communicate with your family how long the remodel should last, and what they can expect during these changes.


For more insight on what to expect prior to a home remodel, we have a few great resources that can keep your timeline in check. We’ve taken a closer look at the typical Home Renovation Timeline, studied how long a kitchen remodel takes, so you can better understand the more extensive home remodeling projects that await you.

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Budgeting matters – but if you’re wondering how much a home remodel costs, there is no exact rate for every project. However, depending on the extent of the project, some projects will require more time, and money, than others, but are worth the long term benefits. Things that will affect the overall budget and timeline of your renovation are things like compromised structures, foundational issues, roofing problems, or other major issues that go beneath the surface. This is when you start dealing with a higher all end budget, rather than saying on the lower end of your budget.

If you want to know the true cost of a home renovation or remodel, it’s important to talk to your contractor before you start crunching the numbers on your own. At RJ Turner Remodeling, we’ll accurately quote your project, free of charge, prior to mapping out your remodel. If you’re still wondering how to budget for this expense, we also offer home improvement loans to all our clients.



Learn about Home Remodel Financing

If you’re ready to remodel your home, but need a little help figuring out the financials, let RJ Turner Remodeling assist you. Rather than stress over what kind of loan you’ll qualify for, think too much about your credit history, or wondering if you’ll be charged with a higher interest rate, we’ve taken the guesswork out of home financing. We’re partnered with Hearth financial services, so you can add a bathroom to your home, without the additional stress of applying for a home equity loan. Getting a line of credit, or worrying your credit score, is a thing of the past with Hearth.

Our three-step application process can get you pre-approved sooner rather than later, so you get started on your home renovation projects in no time. To learn more about our process, and see what loan amount you qualify for, check out our Home Addition Renovation Financing options.

If you’re searching for bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, exterior remodeling, and deck and additions, contact RJ Turner for all your home improvement services. We offer renovation and remodeling in Greensboro, High Point, and Winston Salem!


We pride ourselves in providing high quality remodeling and renovation with the least disruption possible of your everyday life!