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7 Easy Ways to Increase Curb Appeal

7 Easy Ways to Increase Curb Appeal

Most people don’t usually think about their home’s curb appeal unless they’re trying to sell their property, but a well-maintained home front and lawn is important no matter your plans for the future. When you take care of your home, you demonstrate commitment to the appearance of your neighborhood and respect for the house you worked so hard for.

Here are 7 easy ways to increase your home’s curb appeal:

1. Switch those shingles
Up on the rooftop – are your shingles curling, missing, or broken? This is a serious maintenance issue that should be resolved as quickly as possible. In addition to the dangers of a leaky roof, unmanaged shingles are an eyesore. Repair or replace your rooftop to keep your home looking nice, inside and out. If you don’t feel comfortable climbing a ladder, hire a contractor experienced in roofing to take care of it for you.

2. Pressure wash
Homes take the brunt of rain, wind, snow, and pollen. Like anything exposed to the outdoors, it needs a good wash every once in awhile. Pressure wash the grime from your driveway, sidewalk, and the exterior of your home.

small garden with a wheelbarrow

3. Revive your landscaping
Are your garden gnomes beginning to crumble? Are those beautiful vines of ivy swallowing your sidewalk one inch at a time? If so, it’s time to grab a pair of shears and give your front yard a makeover. Mow the grass, trim the bushes, and dispose of any dead plant matter. A fresh lawn proves that you care about your property and might influence your neighbors to do the same.

4. Lighten up
The old porch light circa 1984 needs to be retired; it’s not doing anything positive for the appearance of your home. Update your porch lighting with a lantern or pendant light for an instant boost to your curb appeal.

5. Touch up the paint
A fresh coat of paint can work wonders for any home. Add a pop of color and make your house stand out with bright tones like yellow, teal, or even red.

gloved hand cleaning out a gutter

6. Clean out your gutters
Nothing says “abandoned house” like a garden growing from the gutter. Clear out debris and dirt from your gutters at least twice per year, especially when the seasons change or after a big storm.

7. Furnish and decorate
Your house will look more like a home when there are signs of life. This is your home so make it yours! Invest in nice patio furniture instead of plastic lawn chairs, and hang your favorite wreath in the doorway.

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Home is your safe haven, something you’ve worked hard to attain and keep, so give it the attention and care it deserves. Increasing curb appeal can be as simple as keeping up with the maintenance of your home and lawn. When you’re ready for a big change, call in the experts at RJ Turner Remodeling to build a better porch or install new plank siding.


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