As of Summer 2019, the average cost of reshingling a roof nationwide ranges from $5,000 to $15,000, and that’s just the average. Some roofing projects will be even more expensive. Check out our roof financing in Winston Salem!


How much will my roof cost?

While it’s impossible to calculate your price tag down to the dollar without a professional consult, keep in mind that the following factors can affect the cost of replacing your roof:

• The structure of your roof
• The accessibility of your roof
• The materials used on your roof


Roof structure

Your roof’s structure can contribute to the price. Basic roof structures include:

• Gable
• Hip
• Mansard
• Shed
• Dormer

The structure affects the accessibility, maneuverability, and square footage of your roof, which is why can significantly impact the cost of materials and labor.



Since the accessibility of your roof affects the movement of our team, tools, and materials, it can affect the labor costs associated with getting a new roof. If the roof of your home is more difficult to navigate, your roofing project is going to require more intensive labor, higher risk, and more time to complete than a less precarious roof.


Shingle Cost

Choosing roofing materials isn’t all that different from choosing new flooring. Asphalt shingles are often more affordable than metal roofing (but not always), and certain materials are better suited for particular homes, lifestyles, budgets, and even climates. Depending on the style, technology, and warranties associated with your roofing material, you might find that you’d prefer a metal roof. You’ll want to talk it over with a roofing professional regarding style, maintenance, and budget before making any final decisions.


Shingle Roof Flyover

Get a more accurate number with our cost calculator!

Use our roofing cost calculator to get a more accurate price for replacing your roof based on the structure, pitch, and accessibility. Once you fill out the calculator and submit your information, we’ll send your free estimate to the email address you provided.

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