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4 Telltale Signs of a Damaged Roof

4 Telltale Signs of a Damaged Roof

Do you know how old your roof is? Roof damage is a common issue faced by homeowners, but you may not know you have it until it’s caused significant damage. Weather and age are two of the components that wear down roofs and cause issues. Sometimes it only takes a glance to see that a roof is in need of repair or replacement, but other times the damage isn’t so obvious. Here are several signs of a damaged roof.


Worn Down Shingles

Curled, broken, or missing shingles are all big signs that your roof is in need of repairs. Replacing individual shingles could be an option, but extensive damage may require a full roof replacement.


Interior Water Damage

Are you noticing water stains around your ceiling or on the beams in your attic? A weak roof that is in need of repair can cause serious damage if rain water is able to find its way in. With a leaky roof, it is crucial to take care of the problem immediately. The longer water damage is allowed to exist in your home, the worse the damage (and the roof repair cost) will be.


Light Through the Roof

Take a peek in your attic during the day and turn off the lights. Can you see little cracks of sunlight here and there? If light is able to come in, water will be able to as well.


Roof Sagging

Similar to dark spots or mold, sagging areas aren’t hard to miss. If water is making its way into your home because of a damaged roof, it could pile up and weaken the structure of your roof, causing it to sag and eventually collapse.


Maintaining a functional roof with little to no damage will ensure that your home is protected from water damage, bad weather, and even rodents and other pests. Take a little time to examine your home for these signs and stay proactive about the state of your roof.

How much does it cost to replace a roof? Check out our Fact Sheet and Cost Estimator.


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  • Trevor Hall
    September 30, 2019, 2:36 pm REPLY

    While I was in my attic I noticed a small light coming through the roof. The rest of the roof seems in good condition but I guess it’s time for a replacement. I’ll contact a contractor today to get an estimate.

  • Tyler Johnson
    October 3, 2019, 5:08 pm REPLY

    That’s good to know that water damage could be a sign of roof damage as well. I feel like a leak could let in a lot of water when it rains. I’ll have to make sure to get someone to fix the water damage as well a inspect the roof if I ever notice any in my house.

  • Braden Bills
    October 4, 2019, 1:18 pm REPLY

    My kids got a Frisbee stuck on the roof, and when I went to go retrieve it I noticed that the shingles on my roof are starting to curl up. I didn’t realize that this was a sign of damage! Maybe it would be a good idea to consult a professional to see if the damage done is enough to warrant a complete replacement, or if it’s small enough to have it repaired.

  • Dennis Sanchez
    October 10, 2019, 10:44 pm REPLY

    It never occurred to me that light coming through the roof is a sign that it might need some repairs. I found some water leaking through my roof a couple of days ago. I’ll have to hire a roofing company so that I can get the leak fixed.

  • Braden Bills
    October 23, 2019, 3:55 pm REPLY

    I found some shingles on my yard when I was playing with my dog. I think they might have been blown off my roof in the recent windstorm. It makes sense that it could be a sign that my roof needs repairs or replacing! That would be a good way to ensure that more shingles don’t fall off.

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