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Why You Shouldn’t Wait For Fall: Problems with Winter Roof Repair

Why You Shouldn’t Wait For Fall: Problems with Winter Roof Repair

The time has finally come to repair your roof, and you’re about to pick up the phone to schedule an appointment. But, with colder temperatures picking up, winter is right around the corner. All the more reason to get your roof fixed, right? Well, there are actually a lot of factors to consider with the change in season. It might end up leading to more problems with your roof in the future.


Scheduling Difficulties

Fall is arguably a more popular time slot to repair a roof because everyone wants the project finished before it’s too cold. Because roofing companies are so busy this time of the year, it’s normally difficult to get an appointment scheduled. A hectic schedule means it will be more difficult to complete repairs on time, or you’ll have to wait for an appointment. This increases the chances of your derailing your repair time, which means finishing the project later than anticipated.


Increased Weather Risks

As winter approaches, there are higher chances of roof problems thanks to weather complications. Roof repairs, depending on the extent of the damage, can take as little as a week to fix. However, if there is any potential bad weather on the horizon, that can lead to increased delays. Not to mention, when the temperature drops, homes experience ‘shrinkage.’ Yes, that’s right: your house will literally shrink in colder weather. Shrinkage can lead to inaccuracy in material sizing, or working under additional time constraints.


Problems with Materials

As the temperature drops, the colder weather limits certain materials from being used. If you have a roof that requires rubber or adhesive, it’s less likely to stick in the colder conditions. Shingles also become more brittle in cold weather, so the application process takes longer, and becomes more difficult. One of the few materials that isn’t affected during wintertime, however, is metal. Just make sure you know all the facts about your roof before you make an appointment, and check out our post on the best roofing materials.


A change in season doesn’t mean you should have to compromise on repairing your roof. If you want an experienced expert on the job, learn how to get started today.


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