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4 Perks of Adding a Half Bath to Your Home

4 Perks of Adding a Half Bath to Your Home

An extra bathroom is, unsurprisingly, a dream addition for many homeowners. But sometimes an additional full bathroom just isn’t an option. In cases like this, a half bath can be an excellent compromise for the frugal or those who lack the space to add a new full bath to their home. The half bath shares many of the same benefits of its full-sized cousin, and even has a few perks that are unique to the half bath alone.

Added home value

Adding bathrooms to an existing home is one of the best ways to improve the value of your property. According to a report by the The National Association of Home Builders, adding a half-bath to your home increases the value of the average home by about 10.5 percent. This is particularly true when the number of beds to baths was equal before the additional bath was added. So your three bedroom, three bathroom would see a definitive increase in its value as a 3.5 bathroom.

The percentage increase in value to your home will be even more pronounced if your home has more bedrooms than bathrooms. Adding a half bath to structures with more bedrooms than bathrooms can help you see an 11–12.5% increase in your home’s value. This added value can easily offset the initial cost of adding a half bath if you plan to sell your home at a later date.

Space consideration

There’s really no argument to the fact that a half bath will not add as much value to your home as a full bath would, but the tradeoff of a half bath is the compact size of the bathroom itself. A half bath requires a minimum of just a 3×6 ft space. This makes a half bath a much easier consideration when thinking of adding it to an existing structure, even in more compact homes where an additional full bath would be a hefty and expensive undertaking.

Because of their smaller size, half baths can often be added into existing spaces where a full bath wouldn’t fit. The extra space in a walk-in closet or other unused closet space can offer more than enough space to be converted into a half bathroom. For a unique option, a half bathroom might fit well under an existing staircase or in an unused attic without the need for any costly structural additions.


A bathroom addition isn’t always cheap. Average costs can range anywhere from $3,000 to $25,000, depending on the size, materials used, plumbing, and miscellaneous issues that arise when repurposing space for a bathroom. The half bathroom ranges on the cheaper side of the spectrum, averaging closer to the $3,000 mark. Considering the value that a bathroom can add to your home in the long run, a half bath is a worthy expense and by far one of the most wallet-friendly renovation projects you can tackle.


Improved quality of life

An extra bath is an immediate improvement for most households. A half bath can help smooth out the early morning rush in busy homes, take the awkwardness out of hosting overnight guests, and give the whole family some more elbow room during the pre-bedtime routine.

If you’re considering adding an extra bathroom to your home but are wary of the price tag and the space limitations, a half bath could be a smart and rewarding choice for your household. Get in touch with RJ Turner Remodeling to see how the addition of a half bath could benefit your home.

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