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3 Tips for Keeping Your Glass Shower Doors Clean

3 Tips for Keeping Your Glass Shower Doors Clean

Glass shower doors are beautiful, modern, and luxurious. Unfortunately, they can also be difficult to keep clean, and smudgy, dirty shower doors aren’t luxurious. They’re gross, and they can ruin the vibe of your sleek, spa-like bathroom. Here are a few tips for cleaning glass shower doors and keeping them that way.


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Use the right tools.

When you’re trying to keep glass shower doors clean, a squeegee is often more effective than washcloths or paper towels. Squeegees are lint free, easy to use, and (bonus), they’re reusable! Beyond using a squeegee to dry the glass after you’ve cleaned it with a commercial or homemade cleanser, you can keep your shower doors cleaner for a longer period of time by squeegeeing the glass after each shower. This prevents water and soap stains from drying and building up on your glass shower doors. 

Go easy on the environment, but tough on mineral buildup. 

Remove soap scum, water stains, and mineral deposits from your shower walls and shower doors with a simple solution of white vinegar and water or baking soda and water. Vinegar and baking soda are excellent shower cleaners that make more eco-friendly alternatives to commercial cleaning products. Simply mix three-parts water with one-part of either ingredient (remember, you want a liquid, not a paste) with water and pour the solution into a plastic spray bottle, spray down the glass and clean the shower as you normally would with a microfiber or lint-free cleaning cloth. 

If you find that vinegar and water just doesn’t seem strong enough to effectively clean your shower doors (this could be due to the minerality of the water in your area), add in a bit of lemon juice to your cleaning solution. The acid in citrus fruits is great for breaking down stains and cleaning soap scum off of your class. Plus, lemon juice smells much better than vinegar alone! You can also try a gentle liquid soap like a grease-fighting dish soap to cut through stubborn stains. 

Keep the air flowing.

Sure, bathroom cleaning solutions can remove even the toughest stains, but why let your shower doors get so dirty at all? Be sure to leave your shower door open and bathroom door open after taking a shower to keep air moving around your shower. If you have one, be sure to leave the bathroom vent fan on until the temperature has cooled down and the steam is gone. Plenty of airflow prevents humidity from building up and causing mildew or mold to grow in your bathroom and shower.

Ever felt like all you do is scrub and polish your glass shower doors but just can’t get them to shine like they used to? It could be due to age and wear and tear. Here are 3 Reasons to Replace your Old (or Broken) Shower Doors.

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