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5 Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

5 Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

Remodeling your bathroom is a popular trend these days. More and more people are tired of ignoring their outdated, cramped bathrooms and upgrading them into more functional and comfortable spaces. Whether you’re replacing a faucet or changing the entire layout, here are just a few reasons why you should consider remodeling your bathroom.

Replace outdated fixtures

Whether you’ve just purchased a house with a bathroom that’s a blast from the past, or your current fixtures are simply starting to wear out, hiring a contractor to remodel your bathroom can give it a fresh, updated look.

Adapt to new lifestyle changes

Are you and your new spouse struggling for space in front of the one bathroom sink? Will your young kids need a tub instead of a tiny shower stall? Your family’s needs will change  over time, and an updated bathroom can be adapted to fit whatever those needs may be.

Increase your home’s value

Thinking about selling your home this year? An updated bathroom can be a big boost to your home’s resale value. Studies show that buyers are much more likely to opt for a home that doesn’t need any additional work.

custom bathroom

Create a personal escape

Your bathroom doesn’t just have to be a space you use to get ready in the morning. Designing the space to be both comfortable and functional can create a spa-like feel and make your mornings something to look forward to!

Get more storage space

Plenty of remodeling projects start with a single idea in mind: not enough storage space! Whether you want to add a linen closet or expand your bathroom to make room for a double vanity and cabinets, a professional contractor can help you find the right solution for your space.

What will it take to get the bathroom you’ve always wanted? Contact the experts at RJ Turner Remodeling and tell us about your bathroom remodel project.

Update Your Bathroom Today

What will it take to get the bathroom you’ve always wanted? Contact the experts at RJ Turner Remodeling and tell us about your bathroom remodel project.


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  • Kenneth Gladman
    September 28, 2018, 8:51 pm REPLY

    I would completely agree that your families needs change over time. With our kids getting bigger it seems like the house is shrinking. There just isn’t the room there once was. The kids need their own rooms now and the bathrooms are getting crowded. It might be worth looking into remodeling some areas.

  • Rhianna Hawk
    October 12, 2018, 4:52 pm REPLY

    I’m considering getting a bathroom renovation for my master bathroom, in great part because the fixtures, as you said, are somewhat outdated and just don’t work as well as some of the models of sinks and showers that I’ve seen on the market. The tiles have a lot of grout that I can’t get out, as well, so replacing those would definitely freshen up the bathroom, and I like the idea of turning it into a place of personal escape. My standing shower has never allowed for real baths, so getting a tub and other materials to allow for the spa-like feel you mentioned would give me some much-needed aid in relaxing.

  • Braden Bills
    October 15, 2018, 1:57 pm REPLY

    I want to make sure that my bathroom looks nice. It makes sense that replacing any outdated fixtures would be important! My faucets and toilet are pretty old, so that will probably be what I replace first.

  • Kit Hannigan
    October 19, 2018, 5:19 am REPLY

    Thanks for explaining how renovating your bathroom can allow it to adapt to your needs. Me and my wife are slowly approaching a ripe age for retirement. We will be 70 before we know it. I would think that renovating our bathroom as early as now to install some additions that can help the elderly to move around safely will be a good idea.

  • Taylor Anderson
    October 23, 2018, 4:25 pm REPLY

    I like that this article pointed out that replacing outdated fixtures in your bathroom can help make your bathroom look more updated. I think it can also help increase the efficiency of your bathroom, as new technology tends to be more sustainable. After reading this, updating my old bathroom seems like a great idea.

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