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Things to Keep in Mind During Homebuying: Your Roof Inspection Checklist

Things to Keep in Mind During Homebuying: Your Roof Inspection Checklist

When it comes to buying the perfect home, there are a couple of things you have to consider before making an offer. While the floorplan and unique features of a house are important, there are plenty of other things that you should keep in mind. One of the critical features of making your home feel like home? A roof that will last for years to come.

If you’re about to purchase your dream home and want to know more about the condition of its roof, we have a roof inspection checklist that can help ease your home buying process. This way, you can make sure you know all the facts before your investment.


Ask About Its Age and Potential Roof Repairs

Before you buy a house, always ask how old the roof is. It’s common for roofs to be replaced every twenty years, but there are plenty of other signs that can tell you if your roof is a little older. Worn spots, missing shingles, or other warped areas could mean your potential roof might need to be replaced. If you’re purchasing an older home, it’s especially important to check and see if your roof has been replaced recently, or if that’s an additional cost you’ll have to consider with your investment.

If the current homeowners took preventative measures and replaced the roof in the last few years, it’s one less thing to worry about before you move.

Check for Structural Damage

Another important thing on your checklist is to see if there is any extensive wear and tear to your roof. Signs of damage could be minor things, like the roof leaking into areas of the home, a few loose asphalt shingles, or other more complex things like mold and damp crawl spaces. Structural damage, no matter how minor, can cause more long term problems if it’s not addressed quickly.

It’s also important to check the gutters and downspouts, to see if the water is draining properly from your home. You don’t want there to be flooding or excessive water build-up later on. For more insight, check out 4 signs of roof damage.

Ask About Ventilation

Roof damage can occur in the most unlikely places, and one of the most important things you can do is check and see if there is a roof ventilation system. Without the right roof ventilation, there is an increased risk of heat and moisture build-up, which can remain trapped in your attic. This can be a potential problem in the winter months, with snowy weather.

You can learn about preventative measures in our blog post about how to defrost your roof. Soffit vents, exhaust vents, and power fans are all important things your home needs to keep your roof in peak condition.


Before you buy, it’s best to keep a roof inspection checklist handy, so you can cover all your bases. When in doubt, contact the professional roofers at RJ Turner if you have potential roof repairs in your new home. If you need further assistance, we can help you decide if it’s time to replace your roof, or whether or not you should repair or replace your roof.


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