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The Causes of A Water Damaged Roof

The Causes of A Water Damaged Roof

A water damaged roof can definitely have a serious impact on your home. Not only does it create those awful water spots, but a leaky roof can create mold and mildew growth in your crawl space. The damp air, combined with the warmth and darkness of the tight space, is ideal for this bacteria growth, and other health risks. Rather than deal with the serious health repercussions of water damage, try stopping the leaks in their tracks. Knowing the causes of a water-damaged roof will keep your house safer in the long run, and can help you keep an eye out for the growing problems.


Damage to the Roof Valley

Some roof materials are more precarious than others, and one of those is tile roofs. All tile roofs have what is called a roof valley – it’s a channel of sorts that runs along your roof. It’s dips give your roof structure some dimension, but because it carries rainwater off your roof, once it becomes corroded or rusty it’s less likely to work. It’s also easy for debris to get caught in the dips of the valley. It’s important to talk to your roofer, and see if you can get an open roof valley installed, so there is less risk of water damage.

If you notice leaking water and water spots arise in your ceiling and have a roof valley, check to see if it’s time for a roof replacement.


Compromised Roof Features

One of the best parts of your roof are the additional features. Things like multiple skylights, or chimneys, add character to your roof. However, they need to be maintained like anything else around your home. If they’re not cared for or cleaned properly, debris can catch around their structure, collect water, and infiltrate your home.

See if there are collecting puddles of water around the outside of your skylight, or if your chimney isn’t supported as well. Handing your additional roof structures first will help prevent additional roofing repairs from happening down the line.


Damaged Shingles

Lifted shingles are definitely a common roofing problem, and happen to be a large contributor to roof leaks. Harsh winter weather, intense storms, or general wear and tear can displace this important protective layer, and reveal your roof deck underneath. If your roof deck happens to absorb that water, there is little chance that it won’t make it into your home. Every layer of your roof services its purpose – if one is compromised, the rest can become damaged.

Make it a habit to check your roof for damage, so you won’t end up with roof leaks, and repairs that could have been avoided.


Ice Dams or Damaged Roof Deck

Winter snow and rain create their own source of problems, especially after a long or harsh winter. Ice dams can create serious roof damage, because of the frozen water build up they can force under your roof deck. It’s best to make sure you have roofing systems and security in place to handle ice dams. Luckily, we can help you handle ice dams and defrost your roof.

Your roof deck is the barrier under your roof material and is a fundamental part of protecting your roof. Making sure it’s installed properly, and cared for, is going to help preserve your home, even if your shingles or roof materials become worn. It’s best to talk to a roofing professional about the integrity of your roof deck and get your roof inspected if you’re concerned about additional damage.


If you’re dealing with a water-damaged roof, and need help locating the source, it’s best to contact a roofing company that will talk you through the problem. At RJ Turner, we make it our mission to find the source, provide you a quote, and get to work replacing your roof. Never worry about the integrity of your home again, with the local roofers at RJ Turner. We provide roof repairs in Winston Salem, Greensboro, Highpoint, and the surrounding Piedmont Triad, so schedule your discovery call the minute you notice water damage.


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